Oh my gosh where has time gone?

Recently I caught up with another fellow “blogger” who realised that a lot of time had elapsed since the last post. I don’t think the gap was as long as mine has been, but I really HAVE to do something about catching up.

My aim when I started was to reveal all that is happening in the garden that was “The Shed of Doom” and along the way recount tales of the man who had owned it, as and when they had a link to what I am writing. There is still a myriad of tales to tell, and as I continue to sort through Erik’s belongings, treasures and memories, I continue to remember tales to be told.

A whole year has almost passed since last I wrote. Harvests have been reaped and eaten. Some 2017 crops amazingly burgeoned, others dramatically failed, and  a new year of challenges has come along and almost gone in 2018, so in this attempt to get back to my intention……a little link back to that “Anchusa Blue” paint (featuring in the above photos).

When we were first married, living in the upstairs half of a large house in Salisbury, we had to make the place our own for a whole year. Very little money, and restrictions as to what we were allowed to do, we painted one wall in the room that was our lounge. That wall was painted ANCHUSA BLUE.  It never really surfaced again as a choice of colour for any decorating that we did in the following 30+ years. THEN about 6 or 7 years ago for some reason this rich shade of blue  became a “favourite”  of Erik’s, as a garden colour. He bought bright blue pots and a tin of this rich blue coloured paint (Not now called Anchusa….but in the same”palette”), and with it he painted pots that were NOT blue…..they became blue.

One summer, two of our grandsons were spending time with us while parents had to work and they were given jobs to do in order to gain summer holiday spending pennies. One of their tasks…..paint these pots BLUE.

And so the trend continued.

Then on one of the very last shopping trips I was ever able to take Erik , we went to Wilko. This was in April 2016, just prior to his final trip to hospital, and though his Dementia had progressed at a pace, he was still very much with us most of the time. We went around the shop, I paid for the goods, we left the shop and suddenly he was angry with me……. I had not let him stop at the tins of spray paint. I had had no indication that this had been needed, but of course this is a symptom of the disease. We went back into the shop, we went to the spray paint….he picked up a can of bright blue, we paid and we left again. He was a happy man.


But the paint, and the memories continue. When my solar light butterflies  have died, and other simple decor pieces faded, I have used that blue paint to recycle them…back into the garden.

In 2016 , shortly after Erik’s passing, I went to France for a week. (before my incarceration for 3 months when both my knees were replaced at the same time) It had been my intention to take Erik away for an ” almost certainly last” trip to France, in May 2016, but he died before it could happen. I went to where I had wanted to take him, and stayed with friends in the Vendee.  During my stay I went to a Village “Vide Grenier” and fell upon two large wooden, worm eaten,  G cramps in a farmhouse barn. Erik would have snapped them up. He LOVED old tools. He adored wood….so they called to me. I have a plan for them….a friend is working to help me achieve the plan…..but in the meantime…..they have been sprayed with that tin of blue spray paint. Anchusa Blue or not…..it still means the same!


These are  also part of those treasures I keep finding. As of yet I cannot think of how to use them in  the Blooming Shed of Doom…but perhaps I will.

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