I know there is something , somewhere, that will do for that!

When I decided to start this blog, I was “HIGH” on the excitement that I was getting from transforming this barren space. But, as I thought about it, I realised that there was far more behind it than just this dead shed and new greenery. SO MANY stories, about Erik and his hoard/store/ supplies, jumped into my head as we emptied the shed.

“Oh my gosh…remember when….”

“What on earth…?”

“Where did that come from?”

Hundreds of questions jumped into our minds. But the shed was not the only place that I  had been sorting.

In 2004, through a series of events which I know  hurt him greatly, though he never admitted to  anyone, and which to this day still hurts me, Erik decided that he was no longer going to be a full time Anglican Priest.

Erik in vestry

This meant that we had to buy a house….earlier than expected…and thereby hangs another tale. BUT we ended up by falling in love with my present dwelling. We had lived, until then, in spacious dwellings. We had “stuff” ,and whilst we knew we had to downsize drastically, there was a lot that neither of us was willing to give up. So finding  this jewel was a bright spot in a dark time. There was a garage, which no normal sized modern car would fit in; there was a Summer House and there was a shed (as well as a loft) so we had space! AND, in the main bedroom, one WHOLE WALL was made over to fitted wardrobes, with one of the  6 sections being shelved. This was at Erik’s “side” of the bedroom, and one would think that this would be a godsend for shoe storage, sweaters,   t- shirts and perhaps even a little space for the bed linen. But no…this became a mini man cave for THINGS………and  then after 12 years together in our “forever” house I had to sort this supply of THINGS.

The “things”, pictured  here, are from those little plastic drawer stacks featured in a couple of the pictures. And this was just a small portion of what I had to face.

NOW…..I challenge you to come up with a reason for why these “things”were saved.

BUT…you only have to ask my two children about the many many times that Daddy solved a problem without spending a penny…because he had his “treasure”.

In 2013, Grandma and Grandad (Erik and I) did a whole summer of entertaining grandchildren. One day, two of them were set an art challenge by their mum, Annie. She had set them a whole summer of activity challenges, based on a cartoon TV programme called Phineas and Ferb, in which two brothers get up to a variety of adventures during their  school summer holidays. This day’s challenge involved creating a “Mutant Potato Army”. In the TV programme Phineas and Ferb had technology at their  disposal……………


but we had……GRANDAD’S TREASURE TROVE…… and a few potatoes!

Expand these little treasure trove examples into the loft, the garage and the shed, and you will perhaps begin to  understand that when I wanted to find planters /containers for my “dream”…….I did not have far to look!



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