Joshua fought the battle of Jericho and …..

So after about a month of watching, waiting and avoiding the weather, I was sure the birds had all abandoned their space in the Shed of Doom, and I messaged my son to say that I was at a standstill with any progress down at the bottom of the garden, until that shed was knocked for six.

He agreed that “this Sunday”, would be the day.  Sunday morning arrived and I left the house for the day’s Eucharist at St. Mark’s Church, Farnborough. When service was finished I said my goodbyes more swiftly than normal, explaining to my friends that I had to get home to be ready for Thom coming to help me with the demolition of the shed. It was a beautifully sunny morning as I arrived home to find Thom’s car in the drive. Quickly inside…Oh gosh he will be wanting to get started; rush through the house with no sign of him…????? Until I get to the conservatory and I can see him sitting in the sunshine on the patio.I unlock the patio door, because obviously he went out through the kitchen door. “Put kettle on mother!”

“Why didn’t you help yourself?”

“Because I forgot my key.”

“OK, then I will get changed to get started”

“What for? It’s all done!”

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And the walls had tumbled.

We did have MORE bits and pieces that needed moving..,.power tools and “stuff” that was being saved until even more sorting could be done, but it was down. WONDERFUL.

He had his cup of tea and we moved everything that needed protecting through the gate at the back and around to the garage……and just in time the rain came down.

The base of the shed was still in place and we thought at the time that it was easiest to leave it and work my garden plans on top, AND it was heavy (still with the vinyl floor also). However as I walked on and around it (after Thom had gone) I realised that it was not as solid as we thought at first. SO…I rolled up the vinyl, and I lifted up the floor, all the time giving thanks for that ONE operation in August 2016 when BOTH of my knees had been replaced!

Getting better every day.
……………And on to the next stage……….

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