Those plasterer’s trowels…..why?


I can’t EVER remember Erik doing any plastering of any importance…certainly nothing ever inside any of the houses we lived in, so why did I find these six  “builder’s” trowels? If you look carefully you will see that apart from rust, there appears to be some dark “paint”  on one of them. This, I believe , is roofing complex from attempts to “patch up ” the roof of my summer house.

Mothering Sunday 2013, and my daughter asked what I would like. I said a roll of roofing felt for my summer house (lots of lovely stories to tell you about that..later) as there was a leak, and ever the DIY   expert “without spending too much”,Erik was loathe to give in to having to buy roofing felt. My plan was that IF I was given it as a present he could not argue.

But the roll of felt stood and stood…unused…..looking back now perhaps there were some early signs of the changes that were to come to this very talented man?

Instead of using the felt he “unearthed” a tin of roofing felt complex, and , as he described it, the site of the leak was “parged”….using one of those them thar trowels! And that is my only recollection of a builder’s/plasterer’s trowel ever being used

Eventually during a drastic windstorm in November 2014, Erik started to try and put the roofing felt on the summer house roof. It was late on a Saturday afternoon, dusk fell before he could finish, not enough felting nails inserted, he “fixed” the felt “in place for now” by laying large “logs” on top of the felt on the roof.

It needs to be said here that it was during the late summer of 2014 that we began to notice large changes in Erik’s health and in August he had been diagnosed with Osteoporosis….so why, in November, you may ask, was he trying to do  such physical jobs? He was being defiant, bloody minded…he was just determined that it was not going to stop him doing anything he knew he could (before!)

BUT, having “tied down” the roof with weights…that was the last he was ever able to do to my summer house roof. (What happened to it and the roof of the shed, is another story).

But as I told you, I found 6 of them in April and May during the clearing and demolition of the “Shed of Doom”. Around about that time I went with my daughter and her two boys for a trip to the Sculpture Park in Surrey. We saw some amazing pieces…many involving some aspect  of recycling ….and so just as I was about to put the trowels  into the metal bin at the tip, I had a brainwave…and produced a “Tribute to Treasure”, which contains not only the trowels but Blue Gloss Spray Paint (yet ANOTHER story).


Even the electric clips, holding the trowels in place were amongst the treasure that I found in the “Shed of Doom.

Tribute to Treasure now hangs on the fence JUST about level with where the shed  originally stood, and at the time of writing, the runner beans are climbing in, under, over and through!






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