Where this all started

This is the post excerpt.

In August 2014, out of the blue, my until then VERY healthy, 67 year old husband Erik, was diagnosed with osteoporosis.  It affected him seriously very quickly, but the family felt that there was also something else going on. I could write a book about this journey, but here, today, suffice it to say that in July 2015 he was diagnosed with Fronto temporal Dementia. BANG. We were due for a whole family holiday in August that same year and we took it. During that holiday in Menorca, Erik fell out of bed onto a marble floor.  Emergency operation to fix his broken femur, pneumonia and a urine infection, and an insurance company that reckoned he would be able to sit in an ordinary plane seat a few days later, meant that after 2 weeks unconscious in ICU  and another 2 weeks fighting to get home, he was flown home to England, straight into hospital. After a total of 109 days hospitalisation, he was allowed home….a VERY changed man.

Suddenly, a man who had RARELY ever had to ask a tradesman to come to our house to fix things or paint or make, was unable to do anything. He had a SHED. It was FULL of tools and “bits that will come in handy” and I left it alone, until that is, God thought fit to take him away from me in May 2016.

Eventually, my brother in law, spending some time with me, decided to “fix” something for me and went to the shed to look for the appropriate tools. He came back from his “expedition” and christened the shed  …”The Shed of Doom”…….and from then on in the name stuck.

Easter Monday, 2017, we started the journey of transformation, by emptying the shed. Our efforts were a little thwarted by finding 3 birds nests INSIDE the shed…….so……..read more in the next episode.


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